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Include the ability to export registry keys directly from this program; also enable the user to back up and create executables for registy keys that contain registration details.

This would simplify registering your programs by not having to search for your registration keys, then inputting them. The registry executables could be stored in a specific folder in the My Documents section for easy retrieval. A back up on DVD or on an externalr even a pen drive would be a good idea so that if you decide you want your program on another computer or hard disc you will still have easy access. I realize you could argue that what's the difference. For me its convenience. The registry executable feels more substantial and makes inputting your registration details faster and easier.

Whiterabbit-uk, 24.05.2012, 07:38
Idea status: under consideration


Whiterabbit-uk, 24.05.2012, 08:52
The ability to export registry keys in an executable format would save the bother of having to store registration codes, finding the codes and inputting them into the system. All the registry executables could be stored in a folder in the My documents folder for ease of retrieval. :)

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